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I.S.C. - International Security Consulting

I.S.C is active in the fields of security consultation, management of security projects and the training of security units.

The company employs highly skilled security consultants who acquired their professional experience during years of service in the Israel Security Agency and from working as private consultants in Israel and around the world.

I.S.C. has contracts for security consultation on governmental projects in Israel and other countries, in addition to contracts for many private projects. The company has subsidiaries in South Africa, Kenya, the United States, Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

I.S.C. provides consultation in the following security fields:

Security Consultation Topics
  1. Security agents, on all levels

  2. VIP security agents, including managers.

  3. Security Officers: adapted to the fields in which the participants are employed.

  4. Business intelligence.

  5. Seminars on international terrorism.

  6. Establishment of special units

  7. Training staff for police laboratories

  8. Establishing units for gathering intelligence information (police, army and security services).

Training & Establishment
Passport pic Dani.jpg

Dan Issacharoff

Founder and President

passport pic Amnon.jpg

Amnon Raviv

Vice President

Chris Hazis

Security Consultant 

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